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What's the difference between a DVD and a Blu-ray?


We get asked this one a lot so, without going into the technical mumbo-jumbo, all you need to remember is that Quickflix displays Blu-rays with blue bordered covers and the Blu-ray logo in the centre at the very top.

You can play Blu-rays on a Blu-ray player, a PlayStation 3, a PlayStation 4, or an Xbox One with the correct app.  So, if you have any of these devices, then go for it and add that Blu-ray to your Queue! If you just have a regular DVD player, then look for the cover without the blue border and Blu-ray logo and add that one to your Queue.

QuickTip: sometimes we get a little less of this specialised stock for Blu-ray. So, if you’re really keen to see something and don’t mind missing out on the awesome HD of Blu-ray, we would recommend selecting the DVD. We usually have more DVD stock. Not willing to compromise for that big action flick? All good, keep the Blu-ray in your Queue and we will try and get it to you as soon as we can.

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