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Why was my review edited or left unpublished?


Reviewing films and TV shows is a great way to share your opinions with other Quickflix members.

To ensure film and TV show reviews are helpful for other members, on occasion, we will edit a review or leave it unpublished.  

Here’s examples of when we’ll edit a review or leave it unpublished:

  • If there’s an odd swear word here and there, we’ll replace the swear words with symbols like *@&. But if a review is a minefield of f-bombs, we’ll probably leave it unpublished.  
  • If there’s a sentence in a review that’s unrelated to the movie/TV show being reviewed, we’ll likely just remove that sentence. However, if the entire review is about something other than the movie/TV show, we’ll probably leave it unpublished.
  • We’ll leave ‘spam’ reviews unpublished.  


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