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Will I receive a reward for adding Quickpicks to my Queue?


From time to time, Quickflix offers DVD & Blu-ray and Combo subscribers a reward for adding Quickpicks to their Queues - from bonus DVDs to a chance to win a prize. 

So, if you're a Quickflix member who receives movies and TV shows on DVD & Blu-ray, and you get invited by us to add movies from our special selection, do so before the offer ends :) We'll then post bonus DVDs out to you or put you in the draw to win a prize, whatever the reward may be. 

I can't see the DVDs to chose from?

If you get redirected to our streaming site, click 'Go to DVD & Blu-ray'. 

If you can't get through to our site at all, that means heaps of members are trying to add Quickpicks at the same time. Pop back in an hour :)

How do I know I've added enough of the right movies to qualify for bonus discs? 

We're confident you'll find more than enough to add to your Queue. Add away, the more the merrier! 

You'll receive an on screen pop up box to confirm, once you have successfully added the 10 extra Quickpicks to you Queue.

Later, we'll email you if any bonus discs are on their way to you or if you've won the prize. This is usually within a month of the bonus DVD offer starting.  

What are Quickpics?
DVDs & Blu-rays with excellent availability. Sometimes the special selection is limited to movies on DVD.

What are bonus DVDs?  

Bonus DVDs are free DVDs from Quickflix that you receive on top of your regular subscription. So, if you’re on a one disc out at a time subscription and you receive two bonus discs, you can have three discs out at the same time (one time only).  

Terms and Conditions for bonus DVD or prize draw rewards

  • Our bonus DVD and prize draw offers are strictly limited time offers.
  • DVDs must be added by you from the nominated Quickpicks list before a certain date.
  • If you add Quickpicks then delete them, you may not get your reward. 
  • Any bonus DVDs will be dispatched on top of your normal disc allocation at no extra cost.
  • DVD dispatch is at the discretion of Quickflix and will vary based on stock available.
  • If applicable, we’ll send you a confirmation email when the bonus DVDs are being posted to you.
  • Quickflix will endeavor to deliver any bonus DVDs to you within a month.
  • Any bonus DVDs can be returned at any time and will not affect normal disc allocation.
  • Offer does not include Blu-rays. 
  • Any prize draw is random chance. Unless stated otherwise, one winner will be drawn.

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