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What is Quickflix credit?


Credit comes directly from us, via partners or from Quickflix gift cards that you can purchase in store. You can use credit to watch movies and TV shows with Quickflix.

Where does credit come from?
Credit can be added to your account from a number of sources.

  • It can be added through a special trial or subscription offer and be applied to your account as part of a trial/subscription.
  • You can receive credit through one of our partner's offers (e.g. buy a partner's product in a store and get a free Premium movie credit).
  • You can receive credit for referring a friend to our service.
  • Or credit can be added to your account through purchasing and redeeming a Quickflix gift card from retail stores.

Do I have credit? 
Once credit has been added to your account, you can see it on our website. In your member drop down menu (top right hand corner of our website), you may see a dollar amount for credit you can spend on anything including a Quickflix subscription. Or you may see how many Premium movies you can rent or TV episodes you can own with your Premium bonus credit. Potentially, your TV episode credit may be limited to first episodes to get you started on a new show :)

When will you use my credit?
When you purchase Premium movies or TV shows or your subscription payment is due, any applicable credit that you have will be used before any supporting payment method (like your credit card or PayPal account). As credit can expire, we automatically use the credit closest to expiring first. Some credit may expire before it can be used. 

Does credit expire? 
Yes, credit does expire. For example, some credit expires within your current billing period. With Premium Pass, you get a Premium movie credit every month that expires within the month. 

Can I use credit on my devices?
Yes, you can use credit on most supported devices. One exception is dollar amount credit (i.e. not Premium movie or Premium TV specific credit). On Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone and iPad, you'll need to redeem your dollar amount credit through the purchase funnel on our website before you can watch on your device. 

How much credit have I’ve spent?
Credit is held and drawn down from your account when you purchase services from us, like a Quickflix 'bank balance' :)

View your Transaction History and click on your credit tab to see what credit you’ve received and the current balance. If you’ve spent some of your credit, click on the reference number to see what it was spent on. For example, $9.99 on a streaming subscription or $5.99 on a Premium movie.

Can I use more than one payment method in a single transaction? 
Yes, we do support partial payments. So, let's say you only had $3 unexpired credit when you purchased a $5.99 Premium movie. We'd put your $3 credit towards the purchase then bill your supporting payment method (i.e. your credit card or PayPal account) for the remaining $2.99.

What's the difference between "value" and credit? 
You may have a trial card that states it has a value of say $9.99. This value either completely or partially relates to the value of the trial subscription and does not mean $9.99 credit. For example, a trial card worth $9.99 might include a one month free streaming subscription valued at $9.99. 


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