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How can I stream Insurgent with Quickflix?


From July 29, 2015 Insurgent will be available to own for $17.99 in standard definition (SD) and for $19.99 in high definition (HD). 

From August 12, 2015 Insurgent will also be available to rent for $5.99 in SD. 

Please go to our website to purchase. Then you can watch through a browser or on your iPad/iPhone application.

What's the difference between owning and renting? 

When you own a movie or TV show with Quickflix, you can stream it as many times as you like, no time limits!

When you rent, you can stream for a limited time. So, from the time of purchase, you have 2 days to start streaming. Then, from your first stream, you have another 2 days to watch it as often as you wish.  


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