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What is a Kids Queue?


Do you have some young movie and TV buffs in the house? 

If so, we provide a great way to ensure that you've always got something for them to watch. By turning on your Kids Queue, you'll be able to have one queue for your children, and one for you.

You get the choice of how many DVDs we send from the Kids Queue, and how many we send from yours, which you can change at any time. It's a great way to prepare for the school holidays!

To find out how to add movies to your Kids Queue Click Here 

How do I activate the Kids Queue?

A couple of clicks and you're there...

  • While signed in to your Quickflix account, click on the Account & Settings icon on the top right of your screen - 
  • Click on Queue Settings, which is located on the left hand side menu.
  • Click on the following button 

You're all done, you can now choose how many DVDs are allocated from each queue. Below is an example of a plan that has a quota of 3 discs at a time.


If you wish to deactivate your Kids Queue, simply click .

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