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How do I look for DVD & Blu-ray titles?


Quickflix has over 60,000 DVD & Blu-ray titles to choose from across many different genres. 

There are multiple ways in which you can find titles that you may wish to add to your Queue.

You know what you're after, let's just cut to the chase!

To search the Quickflix cataologue for a specific DVD or Blu-ray to add to your queue, start typing the name of the title in our search bar which is located on the top right of the Quickflix website.


After you start typing the name of the title, our search engine will start populating different results as you continue to type. Select the appropriate title if it pops up or press enter to see all results.

Uh Oh...The movie or TV show I'm searching for doesn't appear to be in the search results.

Just in case, double check that you have spelled the title correctly. 

I'm not sure what the movie's title is...but I know Brad Pitt is in it.

You may have watched a movie or TV show many moons ago, you know who's in it but can't quite recall the name of it. Here's the good news, using the same search bar mentioned above, you can type in one of the actors or directors that are involved in the movie or TV show that you are looking for and chances are you'll find what you're after. Once you press enter the search results will contain all of the movies or TV shows in our catalogue involving that particular person.


If the title you're after doesn't come up in the first titles recommended to you, simply view all matches by clicking the link that looks like this -  and all of the titles we have available for that particular actor or director will be viewable.



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