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Tips on keeping your Quickflix account secure.


We understand that security is massively important, and we care a great deal about yours. Here are our top recommendations for keeping your Quickflix account and personal information safe and sound.

Use a strong password

To help keep your account safe and secure, we recommend using a password that is:

  • Unique to your Quickflix account
  • At least 8 characters long
  • A mix of uppercase and lowercase letters & numbers
  • No personal information such as a name, birthday or address.

Computer Safety

It's very important to keep your computer free of malware and viruses. Signs that your computer may be infected include:

  • Slow/Sluggish performance
  • Pop-up windows or advertisements while streaming
  • Unexpected freezing or reboots

If you think your computer might be infected, you can use the anti-malware, anti-adware or anti-virus software recommended by your computer manufacturer or a trusted IT professional.

Phishing Emails & Websites

Phishing emails and websites will attempt to attain personal information from you by pretending to represent a business or website you trust online.

Phishers will go to a lot of effort in order to hijack your account or steal your personal information. They may create fake websites and emails that look official, asking for your Quickflix account details and personal information.

Quickflix will never ask for any of your personal information in an email. This includes:

  • Payment Information
  • Your account password

Please let our member care team know if you are receiving these emails so that we may investigate.


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