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Is there a difference between Subscription Streaming and Premium?


Subscription streaming allows you to stream selected movies and TV shows at no additional charge to your subscription fee. Premium movies and Premium TV can be purchased separately, they are not included in a subscription.

Here are a couple of examples to highlight the difference between movies and TV shows included in a subscription package, and Premium movies and TV shows.

Subscription movie


The above is an example of a movie included with your streaming subscription. Once you position your mouse over the cover and click 'Play', it will begin to play.

Premium movie


Premium movies and TV shows are marked with a yellow sash, as the above image shows. Once you position your mouse over the title and click the price tag, you will see the following.

Some movies and TV shows will be available in HD depending on the device you're using. Once you have chosen from the available options, you will be asked to confirm your purchase by entering your Quickflix PIN. 


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