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My Payment was unsuccessful and now my account is on "Hold"


If for some reason we are unable to bill you, your Membership will automatically be placed on hold.

If you have Quickflix DVD & Blu-ray included in your subscription package, no further discs will be sent to you. You will also not be able to use the Quickflix streaming service during this hold period. When you are placed on hold, we will contact you via email advising you of the action needed to be taken to remove the hold status.

While you’re on hold, your membership will accrue standard monthly charges. These charges will be included in your first payment after the hold status has been removed.

How long does my account stay on "Hold" for?

If no action is taken to resolve the issue that has placed your account on hold, we will cancel your membership after 60 days. If you have Quickflix DVD & Blu-ray as part of your subscription package, we allow 7 days after cancellation of your subscription to return any DVDs or Blu-rays that you have out. Quickflix reserves the right after this 7 day period to charge a replacement fee of $29.99 for each outstanding DVD and $39.99 for each outstanding Blu-ray Disc and an admin fee of $10 may apply.

Check out our article on taking your account off hold here


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