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The benefits of marking your discs as returned.


What if we told you we'll send you out more discs, before your previous ones have been received by us?

Marking your discs as returned just after you've popped them into the post box let's us know that they're on their way, and since we're all about getting as many DVD or Blu-ray discs to you as possible in your monthly period, we'll send some more out once the notification is received.

Awesome, how do I do it?

Let's use the DVD "Frozen" as an example. After you've been "forced" to watch it over a dozen times on the school holidays, you're finally able to sneak out to the post box and return it.


Once you've "let it go" (get it?!) and it's sitting in the post box awaiting collection, and you're sitting in front of your computer, log in to the Quickflix website and head to My Queue. On this page you'll see the most recent discs sent to you, click  and that will let us know it's on it's way back.

What happens next?

We'll send you another disc, generally within 24 hours of you clicking the button.

Please Note

Once you have marked a disc for return, ensure that you physically return them via post not long afterward or before so that you have the ability to mark more discs as returned in the future and therefore receive more discs in your subscription period.


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