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The Quick and Easy Guide to Streaming


Everything you wanted to know about streaming Quickflix but were afraid to ask.

More and more Australians are streaming their favourite movies and TV shows. Maybe you're not one of them yet. Maybe your colleagues at work are talking about "binge-watching" shows and you're not entirely sure how they're doing so. Maybe you finally relented and left that LaserDisc player out for hard rubbish collection. Hey, no judgment. We're here to help.

Whoa, slow down, Einstein. What is "Streaming"?


Seen this word pop up time and time again and never quite been sure what it actually means? Freak out not. "Streaming" means watching television and movies over the internet, meaning you don't need an aerial to broadcast it, nor any physical media such as DVDs or Blu-rays. You just "stream" it. See, it's fun to say, right? "Hey, let's go stream something." "Great idea, I love streaming stuff." You'll get the hang of it.

I must need some sort of space-age device to do such a thing.

Only in the sense that we literally carry around magical, space-age devices and take them totally for granted. The phone or tablet you're probably reading this article on can actually be streamed to, as can your PC, Mac, games console... almost anything that's connected to the internet. In fact, here's a whole list of the devices you can stream Quickflix with.

So I should definitely throw away my television? (*Begins to tip it out window...*)

Wait wait wait, most new TVs can be connected to the internet too! If you've got a Panasonic Smart TV 2011 or later, you can stream Quickflix without getting off the couch. Simply locate our app on the homepage - you may need to search for it - and you're good to go.

Okay, then how do I get started with Quickflix?

Either find the app on your device or sign up online and get started with a free trial, to see if you like what we've got on offer. You'll need to pick the subscription plan that suits you best - we can also post you multiple DVDs and Blu-rays for a couple dollars more a month - but don't worry: there are no lock in contracts. Just play around for a few weeks and then you can decide whether or not you want to stick around. We think you will.

Do I need a subscription to watch stuff?

Only if you want to access our massive subscription library (meaning, you totally should). However, we also offer a bunch of fantastic new release movies to stream as well as a bunch of Premium TV series you can stream individual episodes of, or, should you get hooked, entire seasons. They only cost a little bit extra, and like our subscription library, can be streamed to your internet connected device.

Okay, no more talking, I want to try this out.

You got this.

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