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Why have I been sent the same disc more than once?


You will only receive the same disc again if you’ve requested that through your Queue or you’ve forgotten to tear off the strip on your envelope.

Managing your Queue
You may have added a disc to your Queue multiple times.

If you currently have a disc in your Queue, you won’t be able to add it to your Queue again in the same format*. If you try, you’ll see the Remove, Dispatched, or Returning buttons (depending on the disc’s delivery status). Once the disc has reached us, you will be able to add it to your Queue again. Maybe that’s what you did :)

Or, you may have added it to your Queue in two different formats. *The same movie or TV season can be in your Queue twice - once as a Blu-ray and once as a DVD.

I returned a DVD or Blu-ray to you, why has it come back to me?
Before sending a disc back to Quickflix, double check that you have torn the front strip that contains your name and address off the envelope. Leaving this strip on the envelope may result in the disc being sent back to you before it arrives back to Quickflix. This will remove any confusion as to whether it is going to you, or being returned to Quickflix.


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