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When do I have to return my DVD or Blu-ray?


You can hold on to your DVD or Blu-Ray discs as long as you like as while you’re an active Quickflix Member, there are no late fees! We recommend you return the discs as soon as you have finished with them so that we can continue to send you titles from your queue.

If you cancel your Quickflix subscription, we will require you to return any outstanding discs within a 7 day period. We will send you communication via email reminding you of the outstanding disc. If you receive this email and feel there has been a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible. Once the 7 days has passed we may charge a fee of $29.99 for outstanding DVD/s and $39.99 for outstanding Blu-Ray titles, as well as a $10 admin fee.

Please contact our Member Care team if you are having issues returning your disc so that we can discuss alternative arrangements with you.

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