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Classification Guide


Below is a Guide to Classifications, for more information on classifications, please visit

The content is very mild in impact. G films are for general viewing. While many G films are for children, not all will be of interest to them.

The content is mild in impact. PG films contain material that a parent or carer might need to explain to younger children.

The content is moderate in impact. M films are not recommended for people aged under 15 as a level of maturity is required.

The content is strong in impact. MA 15+ films are not suitable for people aged under 15. A person aged under 15 cannot purchase or rent an MA 15+ film unless accompanied by his or her parent or an adult guardian.

The content is high in impact. R 18+ films are not suitable for people aged under 18. People aged under 18 cannot purchase or rent an R 18+ film.

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