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How do I know which DVD/Blu-ray is being sent to me?


Keeping you up to date with your DVD & Blu-ray service is what we're all about. We'll let you know when we've sent you another via the following methods;

Email Notification

When we have sent you another DVD, we'll also send you an email to let you know it's on it's way!


My Queue 

You can see which discs have been sent to you and when they were sent by clicking on the My Queue tab on the Quickflix website. 


 iOS DVD/Blu-ray App

If you have the iOS app, the DVDs that have been sent to you are located at the top of the screen.


iOS Widget

If you have the Quickflix iOS Widget installed on your iPhone/iPad, the DVDs that have been sent to you are located in the drop down menu. Simply swipe down from the top of your screen, and look for the Quickflix section, in the 'Today View' tab.

For more information about adding the Quickflix Widget to your iPhone/iPad please click here for more information.

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