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How long does it take to receive or return a disc via Post?


We use Australia Post to send and receive DVDs and Blu-rays from our Auburn, NSW fulfilment centre. Australia Post do their best to make sure you always have a movie or TV show to watch.

Discs will take one to five working days to be delivered to you or returned back to us. Please note: Remote areas may take longer. 

If you would like to estimate the delivery time to your location, please click here for the delivery estimator.

Where's my DVD?

If it's been a week since we sent you a disc and you still haven't received it, let us know. Likewise, if you mailed a disc back to us a week ago and we haven't confirmed receipt, let us know. We'll work with Australia Post to speed things up for you.

Quick Tips

To get your next disc even sooner, tell us you've popped your last disc in the post by clicking 'Return' in your Queue. As soon as we know a disc is on its way back to us, we send you your next DVD or Blu-ray.

Also, keep your Queue nice and full so we always have something to send you.



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