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How does the Quickflix DVD & Blu-ray service work?


Once you have signed-up for a Quickflix DVD & Blu-ray subscription simply browse our website catalogue for the DVDs or Blu-rays that you want to watch. We have thousands of titles for you to choose from.

Add a DVD to your My Queue page.

My Queue is where you can keep a track of the DVD and Blu-ray discs that you have chosen to be sent to you upon their availability.

  • Once you have located a title you wish to add to your queue, click on the following icon.

This will add the DVD title to your My Queue page.

Add a Blu-ray to your My Queue page.

To see our range of Blu-ray titles, simply position your mouse over the Movies icon and you will see the Blu-ray option underneath Collections.

  • Once you have located a title you wish to add to your queue, click on the following  icon.

 This will add the Blu-ray title to your My Queue page.

 Quick Tips:

  • We recommend adding at least 20 titles to your queue.
  • You can see all the titles you have already selected under the My Queue section of the website. You can use this section of the site to manage what’s in your queue.

As soon as you have added the titles to your queue that you would like to watch, we will send the first available out to you. Remember, the more you add the better!

Each disc is sent separately in a special envelope that you can use to return it, with all postage pre-paid.

I've received my discs.

Once you receive your DVD or Blu-Ray, watch them when it suits you and as often as you like. There are no due dates or late fees, so you can enjoy them in your own time and send them back when you’re done.

Quick Tip: To get your next discs even sooner, you can pre-notify us of the return of your disc by marking it as Returned under My Queue > Discs sent to me. 

I'm ready to watch something new!

When you have finished watching, just post it back using the special pre-paid envelope supplied.  As soon as we receive one of your discs back we’ll send you another from your Queue straight away.

Alternatively, if you're really keen to watch another movie or TV show as soon as possible, head to your My Queue page and under Discs Sent to Me select the  icon. Quickflix will then send you out your next disc within a 24 hour period.

High Priority!

You can tell us what you'd like to receive next by setting titles in your queue as high priority! Simply go to My Queue and then click the high priority marker in the top right corner of the titles you would prefer to be sent next. Quickflix will send you movies and TV shows marked with high priority first, based on availability.  


Not receiving enough discs?

If you find yourself having to wait on post to receive your next disc you can simply increase the number of discs you have in rotation. To do this go to My Queue, then adjust your disc limit with the Left and Right arrows.


Quick Tip: The maximum disc limit is 10 which is shared between your main queue and kids queue.

Uh Oh...It’s not working for me!

If you are having problems with what we have suggested above, we recommend clearing the cache setting on your browser by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE simultaneously and reloading the page again or check out our troubleshooting guides.

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