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How do I cancel my Quickflix subscription?


We don’t make it tricky! You can cancel your Quickflix trial or subscription online anytime by simply following the below steps:

1. Go to the Quickflix website
2. Sign in to your Quickflix account if you haven’t already
3. Click here to go to the Accounts & Settings page for your subscription
4. Scroll down and click on the  button
5. You will need to re-confirm that you definitely want to cancel on the next page too

Your subscription will then be set to cancel at the end of your current billing cycle. This date will be shown on the cancellation confirmation screen for you. You can continue to use your Quickflix subscription up until that date if you wish. Might as well!

On this screen is also the opportunity to take our cancellation survey. We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete this, as it gives us important feedback to help us improve our service. Kind of like telling us why you broke up with us… but less tears and awkward pauses.

What if I want to use Quickflix later on?

We would love to have you back any time!

To resume your Quickflix subscription just sign back in to your Quickflix account (we won’t close it even after your cancel so you can continue to watch from our Premium Collection).

Click here and we will take you to the Accounts & Settings page for your subscription. Once you're in, simply click the  button and your subscription will continue.

Want a change? No problem!

If your current plan or previous plan isn’t quite right, you can select any of the subscriptions we offer from the Accounts & Settings page. We will change your plan over for you at the commencement of your next billing cycle.

Need a break?

That’s okay – we get the old “I just need some space” from time-to-time.

If you are a DVD & Blu-ray subscriber you can pause your subscription at any time from the Accounts & Settings page here. Just tell us the date you want the break to commence, and then select from the options provided in the dropdown menu.

Just be sure to have all your discs back to us by the date you have selected to pause from, otherwise we can’t complete the pause request for you.

For more information on pausing your DVD & Blu-ray subscription please click here. Streaming members, this currently isn’t an option for you.

Quick note for DVD & Blu-ray members

If you’re a DVD & Blu-ray subscriber and you have opted to cancel your subscription, we allow 7 days from the confirmed cancellation date to return any discs to us that you may still have out.

Quickflix reserves the right after this time to charge you a replacement fee of $29.99 per DVD disc, $39.99 per Blu-ray disc and an administration fee of $10 if we don’t receive them.


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