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How can I notify Quickflix that I have returned a DVD or Blu-ray?


Don't want to wait until we have received a disc you have recently returned? By pre-notifying us of its return, you are getting the most out of the Quickflix DVD & Blu-ray service.

How do I mark a disc as returned?

On the Quickflix website, click on the My Queue tab and under "Discs sent to me" you will see something similar to the below image.

24 hours after the dispatch of your DVD, you will be able to Click on  to let us know it's on it's way!

How does notifying Quickflix of a returning disc improve the DVD & Blu-ray service?

When marking a disc as returned, we are able to send you out another disc before it has been received by our fulfilment centre. We will allocate a brand new title from your queue within 24 hours of your disc being marked as returned.

Why do I receive an error when trying to mark my DVDs & Blu-rays as returned?

If you are receiving an error when trying to mark your DVDs & Blu-rays as returned, this generally means you have already marked the maximum numbers of discs you can mark as returned.

For example, if you are on a 3 disc out at a time subscription, you will only be able to mark a maximum of 3 discs as returned at any one time. Once you have marked 3 discs as returned, you will receive an error if you try to mark any more as returned.

What Now?

If it's been a week since you mailed a disc back to us and we haven't confirmed receipt, let us know. We'll work with Australia Post to speed things up for you and we’ll organise the dispatch of your next DVD or Blu-ray.



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