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How do I prioritise titles in My Queue?


Once you have added a number of titles in your queue, so that we know which one you would like to watch the most, you can prioritise the titles in a specific order with Rank 1 being the one you are most interested in, Rank 2 being the choice after that and the same applies for all the rest of the titles in your queue. There is a few quick and simple options on how you can manage this.

Prioritising your DVD & Blu-Ray Queue

To access all the titles you have added to your queue, first, you will need to access “My Queue”.

Drag and Drop!

Drag and Drop titles in the position you want them in your queue by simply holding down the left click button on your mouse over the title you wish to move and dragging your title to the position in your queue you want it to sit.

Top or Bottom?

If you want to move a title right up to the top of your queue or to the bottom, click on the icon on the top left of that particular movie or TV show and select "Move to top" or "Move to bottom".


Please Note: The recent iOS 8.4.1 update will not allow you to use the current drag and drop method to organize your queue via your device's native browser. Please use Google Chrome if you wish to use this feature.

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