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What is included in my free trial?


It is important that you read the details of your free trial offer carefully before choosing the subscription you wish to trial.

What's included in a DVD & Blu-ray free trial?

If you have chosen the DVD & Blu-ray subscription trial, you will have access to our entire library of over 60,000 movies & TV shows. You select what you want to watch by adding them to your Queue (the more the merrier!).

We will then send you out the number of discs you selected in the subscription you have chosen to trial (1, 2 or 3 discs out at a time).

Once you have finished watching your DVD or Blu-ray, post the disc back in the 2-way mailer envelope we sent it out to you in. Then you let us know what disc is on its way back by clicking ‘Return’ on your My Queue page. We will then post your next disc right out, we won’t even wait!

There are no postage costs, no late fees and unlimited disc exchanges. The faster you watch them and send them back, the more discs we send on out to you!

What's included in a subscription streaming free trial?

You can stream as much as you like, whenever you like, from our subscription streaming catalogue. There are no limits!

Connect up to six devices, then browse through our catalogue, select what you want to stream and press play. You can stream on any three screens at the same time too, so no more arguments about what to watch!


Can I try both at the same time?

Absolutely! We have combo subscriptions available that allow you to bundle the DVD & Blu-ray service with our subscription streaming service.

We highly recommend a trial of a combo subscription so you can get a feel for the whole Quickflix experience. Then you can change after your trial ends or continue with the best of both worlds.


Premium collection

Feel like a latest release? No problem! We’ve got that covered in our Premium collection, where you can stream blockbuster movies and hit TV shows.

Premium movies & Premium TV are marked with a yellow sash in the top right hand corner that says "Premium".

These are not included in your streaming subscription but you can rent or own them anytime, with or without a Quickflix subscription.

For more information on Premium movies click here or for more info on Premium TV click here.

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